Signs are an ever-present part of our consumerist world. They give us instructions, tell us where to go, where not to go, and how to accomplish essential things. It would seem that signs are here to stay, a ubiquitous and tiresome part of our reality that we are only partially conscious of. However, great signs break through this everyday reality, by creating interesting, humorous, vibrant advertising. What is more, well-made, durable, eye-catching signs are essential to the success of your business. This is why custom sign companies are there to help. You may be asking, what are the most effective types of signs to market your business? The list below answers this question by highlighting the many benefits these companies provide you.

The best signs excite the viewer and call them to action, usually by encouraging them to visit a business or buy a particular product. Professional custom sign companies understand the aesthetics and car wraps psychology behind this. Their staff will create signs that are not only enticing to look at, but are also suited to your unique business needs.

Signs are everywhere, but this can be used to your advantage. Custom companies help you take advantage of the ubiquitous nature of signs by producing window decals, car-side logos, and total vehicle wraps to advertise your business.

Banners are portable, large, and have a very broad variety of uses. Modern technology has assured that banners are made cheaply and with unsurpassed durability. You should take advantage of these signs for special events, sales, and holidays.

Getting the right sign permits can be a headache. The best custom companies take care of permit and licensure for you, allowing you to get back to the business of running your business!


You may be the creative type. Then again, you may not be. You may have a great logo for your company, and you may not. Graphic designers who work for these custom companies can help you design your logo or copy it perfectly for mass sign production. Either way, the logo becomes yours to do with as you please.


Companies like vibrant sign studio understand what best draws the eye and brings customers to your door. You can depend on them to find the right colors, background, lettering, and sizes for your signs. Because people are conditioned to see certain types of signs in certain places, they know where signs should be put. They will take into account readability, visibility from high-traffic areas, and height.

Along with the above types of signs, these companies are able to create window, floor, and wall graphics. They design translucent widow graphics, storefront signs, fliers, posters, mailings, and even trade show displays and signs.


When looking for the best in custom signs, look for places that can print things in bulk and at a discount. They should be able to provide the clarity, accuracy, and aesthetics you need for high business visibility.